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For those who might be interested in what I have had to say in previous communications...

Catalogue 73 - March 2014
A catalogue of books and images related to tennis (real/royal/court), le jeu de paume, rackets/racquets, longue paume & fives

Catalogue 71 - April 2012
A catalogue of books and images related to tennis (real/royal/court), le jeu de paume, rackets/racquets, longue paume & fives

Catalogue 70 - September 2011
Attention collectors of books on real/court tennis, Aegon Masters tennis at the royal Albert Hall, the women’s grand slam record book has just arrived, some great classic books by Helen Wills and Bill Tilden, some great and rare tennis titles from early in the twentieth century, a brand new english biography about Rafael Nadal, a quantity of rare early Spalding and Wright & Ditson annuals, Lowe’s lawn tennis annual and compendium 1932 to 1936, tennis titles published in 2011, tennis titles published in the last few years, Davis Cup annuals, two fascinating books about the original rules of lawn tennis, titles about the all England lawn tennis club, Wimbledon final edition programmes, French open annuals from Roland Garros, a small selection of unusual tennis titles, early 1900s coaching classics bargain corner...

Newsletter 69 - March 2010
London Tennis Show; Summer Exhibitions; Real Tennis Titles; Club Histories; Roland Garros

Newsletter 68 - October 2009
Many new books; signed titles; player photo-cards; a complete run of world of tennis annuals; wimbledon final edition programmes 1976 to 2009; jack kramer dies; website updates; uk post free!!!

Newsletter 67 - September 2008
New Titles: Segal, Murray, Sampras, Roland Garros, Clerici, Sphairistike, Wimbledon. Order A Personally Dedicated Copy of the Mansour Bahrami DVD for Christmas. Very Rare Lawn Tennis Rules Booklets From 1876 to 1888; Racket Sports Images; Trims

Newsletter 66 - April 2008
A List of Books Etc. Dealing with Tennis (Real/court), Le Jeu De Paume, Rackets/racquets, and Longue Paume

Newsletter 65 - September 2007
BlackRock Masters: New Blake & Federer Books: Ephemera: Real Tennis De Luxe Editions

Newsletter 64 - May 2007
Real/court Tennis, Le Jeu De Paume, Rackets/racquets, Fives

Newsletter 63 - April 2007
Web-site Edition; Rare Dust-jackets; Sphairistike; Exhibitions; Mailing Costs

Newsletter 62 - October 2006
Livres Francais; New Titles; So Many Farewells; Websites; Unusual Real Tennis Titles; Wimbledon Annual 2006

Newsletter 61 - March 2006
ATP/WTA Player Guide 2006; Signed 1st Editions; Huge Autograph Section; Real Tennis Books

Newsletter 60 - February 2006
Books About Tennis (Real, Royal, Court), Le Jeu De Paume, Racquets/rackets, Fives

Newsletter 59 - October 2005
Christie's Real/court Tennis Sale, Trim Cards; New Titles on Henman & Tanner, Royal Albert Hall Masters, A Wimbledon Programme for 1887

Newsletter 58 - May 2005
June Exhibitions, Website Auction, Alan Mills' life story, Borg/McEnroe 1980 Final, Trims

Newsletter 57 - February 2005
Huge Sale of Books At 5/$9 Each!; Signed Becker's; Rare Dustwrappers; Divertissemens Innocens

Newsletter 56 - September 2004
New Connors & Hardin Biogs; NBC Pins; Autumn sale; Cavendish 1878; Davis Cup Titles

Newsletter 55 - May 2004
A lovely tennis oil painting, new Becker, Nastase and Connors Biographies

Newsletter 54 - February 2004
A Tilden LEtter; ATP/WTA Player Guide; Nastase, Becker, Gerulaitis Biogs; a Scaino

Newsletter 53 - November 2003
Books on Fives, Rackets, Real Tennis, Dustwrappers, Quoits.

Newsletter 52 - August 2003
Sales; Seixas; Tennis Shoes; Silver Spoons; Stamps; Cannes TC

Newsletter 51 - March 2003
Major New Titles; Tennis Stamps; Silver Items; Printed Ephemera; A Pony-Boot!

Newsletter 50 - November 2002
Post-Free Offers; ATP/WTA 2003 Guides, Tennis Stamps, de Garsault

Newsletter 49 - September 2002
Many New Title
s; Bargain Books; Real Tennis Titles; Gonzales

Newsletter 48 - May 2002
Club Histories; Real Tennis & Pelota;
E.C.Potter; Novels; Bargain Books

Newsletter 47 - February 2002
Real Tennis Titles; Signed Items; Book Sale; Silver; £1.00 is $1.30; See Book 115

Newsletter 46 - November 2001
Wimbledon Programmes 1924/34; New Real Tennis Titles, Tennis Pins

Newsletter 45 - August 2001
Rare 19th Century Titles; New Wimbledon History; Pins; Programmes

Newsletter 44 - May 2001
"Tennis World" Magazine; Perry Plaques;
Wimbledon Annuals @ £10!

Newsletter 43 - February 2001
Real Tennis books; Martina library; Player Guides...

Newsletter 42 - November 2000
Perry Items, signed tennis and squash titles, books for Christmas...

Newsletter 41 - September 2000
Rafter & Tauziat Titles, Novels, Woodies...

Newsletter 40 - May 2000
Martina is back - signatures...

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