Newsletter 63 - April 2007
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Newsletter 63 is only on the website; I have not printed hard copies. This is because I have found that the distribution of the mailed version on a world-wide basis is now very expensive, not even counting the printing costs. This does not mean that I wont publish future editions on paper. The other fact is that my e-mail address list is now 60% larger than my snail-mail list. By using e-mails, in just 30 minutes I can alert customers all over the world to the establishment of the new newsletter and almost simultaneously, thus eliminating many of the comments I receive from customers who complain that they receive the newsletter many days after others, and thus miss opportunities to acquire special items. I accept that a very small number of customers will not be aware of this, as they don’t have e-mail. I will try to alert these through the post.

*** News Page on I am planning to establish a News page on the website to allow me to publish much more frequently news of recent acquisitions etc, and these will be advised to you by e-mail.

*** It looks as though 2007 will at last see publication of the much sought-after personal life story of Jimmy Connors. I heard that tense negotiations went on in New York between rival publishers and that the book is now well on schedule for publication, maybe later this year. This will be a major title.

*** Patty Schnyder is to write her life story called “The White Mile”, co-authored by her husband Rainer Hofmann.

*** Tennis Week magazine, formerly published by Gene Scott, who died last year, has been sold by his family to IMG. Although this happened late last year, I have only just received my first subscription copy. It is in a smaller format and seems to be loaded with glamour and celeb images etc, and so far does not emulate the Gene Scott inspired rather more serious approach. What do other subscribers think?

*** “The Artois” is the new name of the Men’s event at The Queen’s Club; for over 20 years it had been titled “The Stella Artois”. I am reliably informed that this year’s entry will be of the highest quality, and it would not surprise me to learn that amongst those in the draw will be Lleyton Hewitt, Andy Roddick, Andy Murray, Rafael Nadal, and Tim Henman.

*** Well done to the LTA for continuing the Women’s International at Eastbourne, after the previous sponsors pulled out. The organisers have not yet released the list of players, but I hear that the entry will compare very favourably with last year’s.

*** Dust-jackets are to me one of the great pleasures in book-dealing. This newsletter contains details of some exceptionally rare dust-jackets on books from the 1920s and the 1930s. Most of these dust-jackets are in superb condition and they are both very rare and highly desirable. Not for every tennis book collector, but rather they are for the discerning few.


I will be at the usual venues during the year, although it has taken rather more work than normal to confirm this. All is now in place so I look forward to seeing many customers as follows:

Monday 11th to Sunday 17th June: The Artois Men’s Championships at The Queen’s Club in Barons Court, London. For further information about tickets etc., visit

Monday 18th to Saturday 23rd June: International Women’s Open at Devonshire Park, Eastbourne, East Sussex. For more information about tickets etc., visit

Tuesday 4th to Sunday 9th December: The BlackRock Masters at the Royal Albert Hall, London. For further information about tickets etc., visit


This Newsletter 63 does not contain any items related to Real/Court Tennis or le Jeu de Paume. Around the beginning of May 2007, there will be a completely new list of stock offerings of book and images on these games, and these will be listed under the “Real Tennis” navigational button. I will send advisory e-mails as soon as the new list is up on


George Hendon, (born Jan 09 1925; died Dec 29 2006). George and his wife Eileen had known each other since she was 14 and she survives him, with their daughter Nola. All three have been major players in the women’s game for a great many years, when they ran a multitude of tennis tournaments, latterly at Brighton and Eastbourne. The women’s game owes them a considerable debt.

William Winn “Bill” Threlfall, (born Apr 24 1926; died Mar 07 2007). Best known as the veteran BBC tennis commentator, Bill was also a widely respected tennis coach, and worked for many years at the Hurlingham Club. He was a Fleet Air Arm pilot, and since 1954 a member of the AELTC. He commentated on 41 Wimbledon Championships and in 1996 at the Davis Cup final in Malmo when for Sky, he did the longest unbroken sports event commentary.

Ian Edmund Wooldridge, (born Jan 14 1932; died Mar 04 2007). Known best as the Daily Mail’s sharp-writing sports correspondent for many years, Ian’s first love was cricket. But in his writings, there was hardly a sport he did not cover at one time or another, including many Olympics. He was a popular and charismatic feature in the Press bar at Wimbledon for many years.


WIMBLEDON CHAMPIONSHIPS will be held at the All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club, Church Road, Wimbledon SW19 from Monday 25th June to Sunday 8th July. For lots of information about tickets etc, visit


Items 001 & 002

001: “Wimbledon 1977-1977 The Centenary Championships” by Royal Doulton (left in pic); number 470 of a limited edition of 1977 numbered plates. The plate measures 27cm in diameter and it is in mint condition. £200/US$400

002: “The 100th Championships Wimbledon 1986” by Royal Doulton (right in pic); number 397 of a limited edition of 500 numbered plates. The plate measures 26.25cm in diameter and it is in mint condition. £125/US$250


  Items 006-011
003: “Centre Court Seating Plan”: This is a large paper approx 95cm x 75cm showing a very detailed seating plan of Centre Court. Every seat and staircase is precisely numbered. The areas which upto 1989 were traditionally set aside for standing room are shown as such. There is no date on the plan, but the postcode of the printers is shown as E.C.2, which style change many years ago. I would date the plan as some time in the 1950s. It is in very good condition, albeit folded. £30/US$60

004: “Wimbledon Final Edition Programmes”: My own collection starts with 1946 and it is complete to 2006. In the following list, there is mostly one copy only. These programmes are the only source for complete Wimbledon results.
1955, 1969, 1972, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1998, 2001, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2006 Each at £15

005: “Wimbledon Programmes”. I hold a stock of many 100s of Wimbledon programmes from 1955 upto 2006. This stock is much too large to detail here, but if you have a particular date or year want, let me have the date(s) and I will see if I have your edition in stock. All editions are offered at one uniform price post included worldwide. £5/US$10

“Wimbledon Annuals”: This is my current price list for the two exhibitions at Queen’s and Eastbourne. The major feature is the news that the 2006 edition has halved in price suddenly owing to what sounds like over-production by the publishers. This price structure will hold good until September 2007. I need two 1983 editions for which I can pay £100 per copy. All post free in the UK!
006: 1984, 1985 each at £130/US$260;
007: 1990, 2001 each at £100/US$200;
008: 1996 at £75/US$150
009: 1991, 1993, 1994, 1995 each at £50/US$100;
010: 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 each at £30/US$60
011: 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1992, 2006 each at £10/US$20


  Items 014-015
012: “Wimbledon Posters 1999, 2005”; measuring 51cm x 71cm. Both are in mint condition. Each at £10/US$20

013: “Jana Novotna 1998 Wimbledon Champions Singles and Doubles”; poster produced by Prince showing Jana in 4 poses on and off court. It is a delightful item for all Novotna fans. Measures 48cm x 66 cm and is in mint condition. £15/US$30

014: “Wimbledon Programme Saturday 28th June 1969” signed by Ann (Adrianne Shirley) Jones, who became the Ladies’ Singles Champion a week later beating Billie Jean King. (See photo) £20/US$40

015: “Wimbledon Programme Saturday 3rd July 2004” signed by 7 Wimbledon Singles Champions: Billie Jean King, Ted Schroeder, Stan Smith, Neale Fraser, Pat Cash, Tony Trabert, and Budge Patty; excellent signatures. (See photo) £50/US$100



EARLY LITERATURE 1885 TO 1926 (See photos)

016: “Game of Lawn Tennis (The) with the Authorised Laws” by Cavendish; the 8th edition of 1888 in small format (12mo) hardboards externally decorated and internally marbled with 62 pages. A particularly good condition copy of these lovely little green rules booklets from that important period of the game when the laws were settling down. This copy contains helpful hints on how to play the game, duties of umpire, rules and tactics for doubles etc. £300/US$600


  Items 017 to 020, 022, 023
017: “Lawn Tennis As A Game Of Skill” by Lieut. S.C.F. Peile in England and edited for publication in the USA in 1885 by R.D. Sears in small format (12mo) hardboards externally decorated with 90 pages. This is the first major coaching title in the USA tennis bibliography, had been a very popular book in England. Sears has added a few of his own notes to the book. The book is in good condition, a little darkened and stained externally on the front board, which itself is heavily decorated. £400/US$800

018: “Lawn Tennis” by H.W.W. Wilberforce; 1st USA edition of 1890 in small (12mo) format hardboards, externally decorated with 77 pages. Including a chapter for Ladies by Mrs Hillyard, this is a book first published in England in 1889, and here published in the USA. This copy is in lovely clean condition, tight and together, and one of the earliest USA coaching titles. £400/US$800

019: “Lawn-Tennis” by James Dwight; 1st USA edition of 1886 in small format (12mo) hardboards with 94 pages. This truly is the first serious lawn tennis coaching title published in the USA by a man known as the father of American lawn tennis, and after whom the Davis Cup was named. This copy is in superb condition, clean, complete and tight. £750/US$1500

020: “Lawn Tennis for Ladies” by Mrs. Lambert Chambers; 1st UK edition of 1910 in small format hardboards with 135 pages (and 31 pages of advertisements). Mrs Lambert Chambers (or Dorothea Douglass) had a formidable Wimbledon record, which symbolically came to an end in 1919 against the new girl, Suzanne Lenglen in a truly epic final. The author aims her coaching title at women, and her main opponents of the period give their views on her in frank submissions at the end of the book. As far as I am aware this is the first book on tennis for women written by a woman. It is in superb condition. £145/US$290

021: “Lawn Tennis Hints to Beginners”; no named author, but published by Wright & Ditson in the USA in 1906 in small format paper covers with c75 pages. This is not a brilliant copy but it is not recorded and certainly not seen by me previously. It contains lovely full page drawings of a player demonstrating the shots and is written for the novice. Its condition leaves quite a lot to be desired as the photo shows but it has its own special charm. It is priced relative to condition as well as rarity. £50/US$100

022: “Practical Lawn Tennis” by James Dwight; 1st USA edition of 1893 in small format (12mo) hardboards, beautifully decorated externally with 168 pages. Here is Dwight’s second coaching manual and here he acknowledges that some of his opinions have been altered following his visit to play at Wimbledon. This is one of the earliest tennis books I have seen with photographs showing the various shots. This copy is in superb condition, very clean and bright externally, without foxing. £500/US$1000

023: “The World’s Tennis Stars and How to Play the Game” by Pat O’Hara Wood; 1st edition (Australia) of 1926 with 117 pages. I think this is the second major lawn tennis book in the Australian bibliography and as such it is richly illustrated with black and white photographs of world stars and several top Australian players of the period. In lovely condition. £200/US$400


I am unable to find any 1st edition lawn tennis books published anywhere in the world in 1901 or 1902. But 1903 was a vintage year, not for quantity but definitely for quality. The two following titles mark 1903 as an exceptional year. These titles signalled the start of the 20th century in the lawn tennis bibliography in a remarkable manner, and the books are as important as any you will find.

024: “Lawn Tennis at Home & Abroad” edited by A. Wallis Myers; 1st UK edition of 1903 in beautifully decorated hardboards with 328 pages. This was Myers’ first major work. It is a review of the state of lawn tennis in England, Europe, Australasia, and India. Several well known authors/players have combined their impressions into this book, which is also a huge treasure trove of photos of very many of the top players of that iconic era playing the game, or merely posing for portraits. This copy is in very good condition, tight and bright, with just a little staining externally. (See photo) £350/US$700

Item 24 Item 25 Item 27

025: “R.F. & H.L. Doherty on Lawn Tennis”; 1st UK edition of 1903 in broad blue hardboards with 146 pages. The Dohertys were at their prime at this period, winning multiple Wimbledon Singles and Doubles titles. They were major public figures, and the crowds flocked to their matches at Worple Road. This is their combined coaching wisdom and it is illustrated with heavily posed photos of them and other great stars demonstrating the shots. Internally there is a rather louche tipped-in photo of the brothers. The book is in very good condition rather darkened externally. (See photo) £350/US$700

026: With this copy is a very early Trim photo of H.L. Doherty signed in pencil by him on the reverse, dated 20/6/08. And a rare edition of an Ogden’s Guinea Gold Cigarettes photocard of R.F. Doherty. The two are offered together as one lot. £275/US$550

027: “R.F. & H.L. Doherty on Lawn Tennis”; reprinted edition of 1932 in larger hardboards format with their photo tipped onto the external front cover, and with 87 pages. This reprint is exceptionally rare and I am not really sure of why it was reprinted so many years after they had both died. This edition does not contain all the text of the 1st, and restricts itself to just the coaching elements. This copy is ex-lib, but very discreetly, and externally the front cover is darkened and corners rubbed. £150/US$300


Please note that all dust-jackets are carefully covered and protected with a clear plastic. All titles in this section are either large or small 8vo in hardboards.


  Items 028 to 033
028: “Aces, Places and Faults” by William T. Tilden; 1st UK edition of 1938 with 304 pages. This is a typical Tilden book, full of history, but mostly self-praise about his various major matches and even about his own artistic achievements and aspirations, both as an actor and a poet. He even gives us examples of his verse! His chapter on professional tennis, the costs and rewards involved is especially interesting. The dust-jacket is highly decorative; very small loss at the head and foot of the spine. £150/US$300

029: “Art of Tennis (The)” by Henri Cochet; 1st UK edition of 1936 with 182 pages. One of the French Musketeers writes his own coaching manual as translated from the original French. It is well illustrated with freeze frame photos of him demonstrating the main shots. There is a previous owner’s inscription internally, and the dust-jacket is a little edge frayed. £50/US$100

030: “Beyond The Game” by Helen Hull Jacobs; 1st UK edition of 1936 with 212 pages. This is the first biography of a woman tennis player in English. Only Suzanne Lenglen’s story by Claude Anet of 1927 predates this. Jacobs was often the bridesmaid to Wills until she eventually gained her Wimbledon title. The dust-jacket lacks very small portions on the spine. £125/US$250

031: “Centre Court…..and Others (The)” by F.R. Burrow; 1st UK edition of 1937 with 312 pages, Burrow was the Wimbledon Referee from 1919 to 1936 as well as referee to countless other mostly UK events in that period. His reminiscences of the happenings on and off court are fascinating. He was a most annoyingly calm man who took no nonsense from the players and almost always managed to get his events finished on time. The dust-jacket is somewhat spine faded but otherwise very good. £100/US$200

032: “Fifteen-Thirty: The Story of a Tennis Player” by Helen Wills; 1st USA edition of 1937 with 311 pages. She was the heiress to Suzanne Lenglen, and both dominated the women’s game throughout the 1920s and the 1930s. This is a very personal account of her life both on and off the court and she illustrated the book with lovely photos of herself as well as images painted by her. The dust-jacket is in very good condition with just a little lower edge fraying. £200/US$400

033: “How To Play Lawn Tennis” by Charles Hierons; revised and enlarged edition of 1922 with 190 pages. This was a very popular post Great War book written by the head professional at The Queen’s Club to remind people how to play the game most had not played since 1914. There are some nice photos taken at The Queen’s Club both of the author and other players. The dust-jacket has seen better days with small edge portions absent, but 1922 is VERY early for a dust-jacket to survive. £50/US$100


  Items 034 to 039
034: “Lawn Tennis” by John Hope Doeg and Allison Danzig; 1st UK reprinted edition of 1932 with 148 pages. This book was also published in the USA and it is by two very competent tournament players. Several of the top players of the period demonstrate the shots. The dust-jacket is a bit edge-frayed but most attractive in a typical 1930s way. £50/US$100

035: “Lawn Tennis: How to Improve Your Game” by Mrs. L.A. Godfree; 2nd edition of 1928 with 250 pages. The first edition was issued under her maiden name as Kathleen McKane, but she married Leslie Godfree before the 2nd edition was published. She had won the Wimbledon Singles twice by now and was the world’s top player, until Suzanne Lenglen dislodged her. She demonstrates the shots herself in the photos. The dust-jacket is in very good condition, not even price-clipped. £80/US$160

036: “Lawn Tennis Made Easy” by Bunny Austin; 1st UK edition of 1935 with 109 pages. Profusely illustrated with photos of Austin showing off his shots. Written while Austin was at the top of his game, now no 2 to Fred Perry. The book includes a short press piece about Captain George Caulfield, Austin’s coach. Book and dust-jacket are in beautiful condition. £65/US$130

037: “Lawn Tennis Up-To-Date” by S. Powell Blackmore; 2nd edition of 1924 with 233 pages. So far I have been unable to find any information on Mr Blackmore, so would welcome any reader’s comments on who he might have been. He writes his introduction as from The Queen’s Club so I assume he was English. His book is a major work, beautifully illustrated with photos of players in action, the photos still covered with original tissue guards. This very early dust-jacket is in very good condition. There is a previous owner’s inscription “Beatrice Ayscough 1924” on the front end page. £275/US$550

038: “Match Play and the Spin of the Ball” by William T. Tilden, 2nd, edited by Stephen Wallis Merrihew with 355 pages. I have never seen this book in a dust-jacket so this is a revelation. Tilden’s book is a seminal work, considered today as probably the most authoritative coaching manual ever written. John Newcombe always travelled with a copy in his bag. The coaching section is followed by a fascinating mini-biography of Tilden written by Merrihew. The book is heavily illustrated with photos of many of Tilden’s main opponents showing how they play the shots he is describing. The dust-jacket is worn at the edges with a small portion on the reverse panel absent. £500/US$1000

039: “Me The Handicap” by William T. Tilden; 1st UK edition of 1929 with 164 pages. His enormous ego comes out well in this book, largely about his victories, his battles with authority, his pretensions to be an actor, his role as an international tennis player and much more. The dust-jacket is a little frayed and stained at the edges but it is complete. £95/US$190


  Items 040 to 045
040: “Modern Lawn Tennis” by Senorita de Alvarez; 1st edition of 1927 with 116 pages. Lili was a stunningly attractive young lady and right at the top of the game for several years in the 1920s. She describes how she plays each of the major strokes and illustrates them with photos of her elegant self. The dust-jacket is edge frayed and a little darkened. £50/US$100

041: “Modern Lawn Tennis” by Dorothy Round; 1st UK edition of 1934 with 106 pages. The English Women’s Singles World Champion of 1934 writes about her coaching advice for all aspiring top players, and the book is illustrated with plenty of photos of her demonstrating the shot. The dust-jacket is slightly stained on the reverse of the book. £65/US$130

042: “Modern Tennis” by P.A. Vaile; 2nd revised edition of 1917 with 317 pages. One of the great tennis theorists, Vaile wrote several cerebral coaching titles. It is superbly illustrated with 50 photos of top players demonstrating the various shots, as well as 34 line drawings. The dust-jacket, almost certainly the earliest I have seen on a tennis book, is split at the spine and edge frayed but otherwise complete, and thus exceptional. £300/US$600

043: “Off The Racket: Tennis Highlights and Lowdowns” by Philip B. Hawk; 1st USA edition of 1937 with 391 pages. This is quite the best history of the game written in the 1930s, and it is quite heavily accented towards the American game. It is full of quirky stories gleaned by the author who was often present at the right time. This copy, which I offered last newsletter, is handsomely inscribed by the author and signed, and it is in a beautiful and rare dust-jacket, not seen previously. £225/US$450

044: “On The Court And Off” by Anthony F. Wilding; 8th UK edition of 1921 with 273 pages. The fact that this book went to at least 8 editions after first being published in 1912 shows just what a major public figure he was, and sales of his book would have been boosted by his tragic death in 1916. This is an exceptionally early dust-jacket in good condition. £150/US$300


  Items 046 to 049
045: “Perry on Tennis: Expert Advice for All on Lawn Tennis” by Fed Perry; 1st UK edition of 1937 with 155 pages. The Wimbledon champion of 1934, 1935, and 1936 had plenty to talk about and his book is very fluidly written as much on his own life and times as it is on how to play the game. The dust-jacket is rather worn and edge frayed. Years ago I showed Fred a copy of this book (my own copy is dedicated and signed by FJP) and he said he never knew it had a dust-jacket! £35/US$70

046: “Tennis” by Helen Wills; 1st USA edition of 1928 with 214 pages. Her coaching title proved very popular in the USA, as she was at this time the top player in the world, as Suzanne Lenglen started to wane. All the illustrations are reproductions of her own water-colours showing various players in action. The dust-jacket is complete with two small tears at the margin. £65/US$130

047: “Tennis Das Spiel Aller Nationen” by Suzanne Lenglen; 1st German edition of 1925 with 120 pages. Here is one of several translations of her famous book “Tennis The Game of Nations”. It was a top selling books in the mid 1920s as she was the leading female icon of the entire world. The dust-jacket is well edge frayed with tiny loss at corners and spine. £50/US$100

048: “Top-Flite Tennis” by Mary K. Browne; 1st USA edition of 1928 with 128 pages. Described as the National Women’s Singles Champion and Captain of the USA Wightman Cup team, this is a coaching book from a very competent tennis player. It is beautifully illustrated with full page line drawings. She has personally inscribed and signed the front end paper date May 27 1930. The dust-jacket is highly decorative and although a little darkened, in very good condition. £250/US$500

049: “Twenty Years of Lawn Tennis” by A. Wallis Myers; 1st UK edition of 1921 with 180 pages. Myers was an expert player and later became the lawn tennis correspondent of the Daily Telegraph. His book recounts his own travels to play tennis and the many major matches he witnessed. His opening remarks are to regret the closing of the All England Club’s ground at Worple Road. The book is slightly eased internally at the front, and the dust-jacket is edge frayed at the top with a small portion absent on the spine. The book is very hard to find and is a splendid tennis history of the first 20 years of the 20th century. £125/US$250





  Items 050 & 051
050: “Quest of the The Davis Cup (The)” by S. Wallis Merrihew; 1st USA edition of 1928 with 377 pages in large 8vo format hardboards externally gilt decorated. This history, part of the Lawn Tennis Library series, is a marvellous study of the early days of the Davis Cup, which only started in 1900. Each of the major ties played so far is amply described with GB, the USA and France featuring mostly. There are many photographs to illustrate the text. Internally, the book is signed by the author and dated by him on August 8 1928, which may very well have been publication date. The book is in beautiful condition. £250/US$500

051: “Story of the Davis Cup (The)” by A. Wallis Myers; 1st UK edition of 1913 in small format 12mo hardboards, with 103 pages, externally a silvered Davis Cup raised on the front board. The first four chapters in this lovely little book are taken from Myers’ earlier book “The Complete Lawn Tennis Player” (1908). The final chapters bring the story upto date. Every individual tie score is here up to the end of the 1912 competition; in very good condition with tiny loss at the head of the spine £250/US$500




052: “ATP/WTA Official Player Guide 2007” is now available for all armchair TV watchers of tennis events from all round the world. Get the player information you need while the players warm-up! 800 pages of stats, biogs, facts, figures etc. £20/US$40


  Item 053
053: “Serious: John McEnroe The Autobiography” by John McEnroe with James Kaplan; 1st UK edition of 2002 in hardboards and dust-jacket with 346 pages. This mint condition copy is one of half a dozen John McEnroe inscribed and signed at the Royal Albert Hall in London last December. It reads: “Hope U like it! John McEnroe”. (See photo) £30/US$60

054: “Tennis Is Mental Too” by Stephen Renwick; 1st UK edition of 2007 with 190 pages in small format paper covers. This book (and the dvd which follows) is the sequel to his very large selling little book called “Tennis Is Mental”, a book which flies off the shelf at my exhibitions. It is simply written and full of great snippets of advice for the tennis player’s brain. £13/US$26

055: “Tennis Is Mental Too” by Stephen Renwick; the dvd of the above named title. £10/US$20

056: “Lifting The Covers” by Alan Mills; 1st UK edition of 2005 in hardboards and dust-jacket with 278 pages. Here is the life story of a very good player who turned Referee and then took over at Wimbledon, from which he has recently retired. His intimate stories about some of those crisis moments behind the scenes make fascinating reading for all Wimbledon fans. This copy if nicely inscribed “Best wishes Alan Mills”. I am now down to my last 10 copies! In mint condition. £25/US$50

057: “Lifting The Covers” by Alan Mills; 1st paperback edition of 2006 with 278 pages. A small number of the paperback editions inscribed “Best wishes Alan Mills” in mint condition. £10/US$20


It seems to me that we need some more quality player life stories, following the major titles of recent years on Nastase, McEnroe and Becker. Let’s hope the Connors book will be along soon.

Andre Agassi:
058: “Agassi: The Fall and Rise of the Enfant Terrible of Tennis” by Robert Philip; 1st UK edition of 1993 in hardboards and dust-jacket with 183 pages. He had yet to reach his popular peak in the tennis world. In mint condition. £10/US$20


  Item 089
Andy Murray:
059: “Andrew Murray: The Story So Far…” by Rob Robertson; 1st UK edition of 2006 in paper covers with 319 pages. An early offering on the fast improving young Scot, destined for greatness sooner rather than later. In mint condition. £10/US$20

060: “Andrew Murray Wonder Boy” by Euan Reedie; 1st UK edition of 2006 in paper covers with 276 pages. It seems inevitable that there will be a steady flow of books on Andy as he progresses up the ladder to immortality! In mint condition. £10/US$20

Billie Jean King:
061: “A Necessary Spectacle: Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs” by Selena Roberts; 1st USA edition of 2005 in hardboards and dust-jacket with 272 pages. The background and story of that most famous tennis match. In mint condition. £10/US$20

Bjorn Borg:
062: “Borg Versus McEnroe: The Greatest Rivalry, The Greatest Match” by Malcolm Folley; 1st UK edition of 2005 in hardboards and dust-jacket with 214 pages. Detailed story of that great 1980 Wimbledon final. In mint condition. £10/US$20

063: “Love Match: My Life with Bjorn” by Mariana Borg; 1st UK edition of 1981 in hardboards and dust-jacket with 151 pages. A personal account of their short life together with the pressures of the tennis tour. In very good condition. £10/US$20

064: “My Life and Game” by Borg with Gene Scott; 1st UK edition of 1980 in hardboards and dust-jacket with 171 pages. He played in an amazing 6 consecutive Wimbledon finals, and was a popular hero. In very good condition. £10/US$20

Boris Becker:
065: “Boris Becker The Player”
by Robert Lubenhoff; 1st UK edition of 2004 in hardboards and dust-jacket with 306 pages. He was an astonishingly athletic player who came from nowhere and won 3 Wimbledon titles. In mint condition. £10/US$20

Chris Evert:
066: “The Rivals: Chris Evert vs Martina Navratilova” by Johnette Howard; 1st USA edition of 2005 in hardboards and dust-jacket with 296 pages. Their careers continually intertwined in countless personal matches. In mint condition. £10/US$20


  Item 091
Dan Maskell:
067: “From Where I Sit” by John Barrett; 1st UK edition of 1988 in hardboards and dust-jacket with 302 pages. I rate this as one of the best British tennis books of all time. It is in very good condition. £10/US$20

Dwight Davis:
068: “Dwight Davis: The Man and the Cup” by Nancy Kriplen; 1st USA edition of 1999 in hardboards and dust-jacket with 256 pages. The great American tennis player who gave his name to the Men’s team cup in 1900. In mint condition. £10/US$20

Fred Perry:
069: “Fred Perry an Autobiography” by Ron Atkin; 1st UK edition of 1984 in hardboards and dust-jacket with 205 pages. England’s greatest tennis player, possibly of the 20th century. He was a real character! In mint condition. £10/US$20

Ilie Nastase:
070: “Nastase” by Richard Evans; 1st UK edition of 1978 in hardboards and dust-jacket with 256 pages. This was written when he was just about at his best competing on level terms with Borg, McEnroe, Connors etc. In very good condition. £10/US$20

071: “Mr Nastase: Talented, Tempestuous and Totally Outrageous” by Debbie Beckerman; 1st UK edition of 2004 in hardboards and dust-jacket with 384 pages. The title says it all; he is an amazing tennis player. In mint condition. £10/US$20

Jack Kramer:
072: “The Game; My 40 Years in Tennis” by Kramer and Frank Deford; 1st USA edition of 1979 in hardboards and dust-jacket with 318 pages. Kramer was a real trail-blazer for open tennis. In very good condition. £10/US$20

John McEnroe:
073: “Bad News for McEnroe: Blood, Sweat, and Backhands with John, Jimmy, Ilie, Ivan, Bjorn, and Vitas” by Bill Scanlon; 1st USA edition of 2004 in hardboards and dust-jacket with 228 pages. Little sign of any lost love here! In mint condition. £10/US$20

074: “Serious: John McEnroe the Autobiography”; 1st UK edition of 2002 in hardboards and dust-jacket with 346 pages. Easily the best player life story of the last few years from a man who still remains an icon. In mint condition. £10/US$20


  Item 096
Nick Bolletieri:
075: “My Aces, My Faults” by Bolletieri with Dick Schaap; 1st USA edition of 1997 in hardboards and dust-jacket with 346 pages. The great motivational tennis coach who produced Agassi and others. In mint condition. £10/US$20

Pat Cash:
076: “Uncovered: The Autobiography of Pat Cash” by Barry Flatman; 1st UK edition of 2002 in hardboards and dust-jacket with 333 pages. Really quite an outspoken story of life on the tennis tour. In mint condition. £10/US$20

Roger Federer:
077: “Fantastic Federer” by Chris Bowers; 1st UK edition of 2006 in hardboards and dust-jacket with 262 pages. He seems head and shoulders above all the other players and continues to produce divine tennis. In mint condition. £10/US$20

Roscoe Tanner:
078: “Double Fault: My Rise and Fall, and My Road Back” by Mike Yorkey; 1st USA edition of 2005 in hardboards and dust-jacket with 227 pages. Not a happy story but good memories of his play remain. In mint condition. £10/US$20

Ted Tinling:
079: “Tinling Sixty Years in Tennis” by Tinling with Richard Evans; 1st UK edition of 1983 in hardboards and dust-jacket with 226 pages. TT was a fascinating tennis personality and his long life story is a “must read”. In very good condition. £10/US$20

Tim Henman:
080: “Duel for the Crown” by Neil Harman; 1st UK edition of 1999 in hardboards and dust-jacket with 271 pages. Portrayed as a bitter rivalry but actually Greg and Tim seemed to get on OK. In mint condition. £10/US$20

081: “Tim Henman, England’s Finest” by Simon Felstein; 1st UK edition of 2005 in hardboards and dust-jacket with 295 pages. Such emotion he has generated at Wimbledon, but not quite to the top. In mint condition. £10/US$20

Vince Spadea:
082: “Break Point: The Secret Diary of a Pro Tennis Player” by Spades and Dan Markowitz; 1st USA edition of 2006 in hardboards and dust-jacket with 277 pages. Very interesting tour book by a competent pro player. In mint condition. £10/US$20


083: “Bjorn Rune Borg Postcards x 10”; a very nice selection of 10 original postcard size black and white photos of Bjorn Borg on and off the court, at varying ages (See below). £20/US$40

084: “The Covered Court Lawn Tennis Championships” as shown in The Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News dated April 18 1891.(See below). Here is a collection of sketches of scenes at The Queen’s Club indoor courts where the final of the Men’s Doubles (called Four-Handed) is being played. This is an original page, not a photocopy. Included with this is the actual report also from the ISDN which describes the background to the event, gives stories about various rounds, and then gives the match score. This item is ready to be matted and framed. £50/US$100

085: “A Gentlemen’s Doubles” painted by Colin Richards and dated 2000. (See below.) This is an interesting perspective of a tennis match in front of a grand house. The image measures 31cm x 21cm (approx) and is I think in water-colour. It is painted on art paper and it is ready for matting and framing. The work is original and not a copy. I have 2 others in this series. £250/US$500

086: “John McEnroe signed photo”; signed for me specially at the Royal Albert Hall last December; a splendid action photo of JM nicely matted and titled. The photo measures 19.5cm x 24.5cm. £40/US$80

087: “Richard Krajicek signed photo”; shows him in 1996 clutching the Wimbledon Gentlemen’s Singles trophy having just beaten MaliVai Washington. It was the day of the blonde buxom streaker, which I remember well! The image measures 25cm x 30cm and is ready for matting and framing. £40/US$80

088: “Oops!” (my title not the artist’s). This is the original hand-drawn and hand-coloured artwork by the famous Daily Express cartoonist Roy Ullyett (see below). He was the leading Fleet Street cartoonist for many years in the second half of the 20th century. This is a Wimbledon cartoon with obvious connotations which I don’t need to spell out to my readers. The image measure 31cm x 21cm, and is already matted, thus ready for framing. It is not signed but his drawings are unmistakable. £250/US$500

089: “Tennis Player in Overcoat”; a painting (medium uncertain) dated “06” showing a male tennis player in side-on profile wearing a typical overcoat of the period (as did the Dohertys and others) and carrying a tennis racket. This is an original work showing the figure against a dark background by an unknown artist. The image measures 12.5cm x 38cm and it is painted on board, set loosely into a period frame. There is a very faint caption at the player’s feet which reads “An Idyll”. It is in seemingly very good condition. (See photo) £250/US$500





  The Game of Sticke
SPHAIRISTIKE and MAJOR WINGFIELD: I rather suspect this is a word that I have not previously used in any of my newsletters, but this time it is current for several reasons. Sphairistike is a Greek word and there are various thoughts on its meaning, all of which are based on the premise that it means “bat and ball”. What is certain is that Major Wingfield named his first game of Lawn Tennis with this word Sphairistike. His little booklet of rules/laws in five editions from 1874 to 1876 carried the name, which most felt was cumbersome, so it was shortened to “Sticke”. Alan Little at the Wimbledon Library has prepared a draft list of all editions known to exist and this list details 17 copies. Alan is very keen to make his list definitive, so I would be very grateful to receive information on any editions about which you may know. His draft list is based on the analysis provided by Tom Todd in his marvellous tennis history “The Tennis Players”. Are there any additional editions? For reasons not yet fully clear to me, I snapped up this domain name a few weeks ago when it was offered to me out of the blue. It seemed an opportunity too good to miss. But what should I do with it?

A STICKE COURT: The game of Sticke does actually exist today. It seems to have developed in the latter part of the 19th century consisting of some elements of Lawn Tennis and some of Real Tennis. Its forming fathers were mostly from the military. There is a tiny number of courts here in the UK with quite passionate players. One of my recent contacts sent me a lovely photo of the interior of a court and I thought readers might be interested to see it themselves. (See photo)

090: “STICKE: The Development of Sticke Tennis” by Graham Tomkinson; a small format paperback edition of 2004 with 36 pages. Graham is a passionate player and promoter of Sticke; his booklet describes the history and development of the game, the courts (past and present), and then he describes the technique and rules. The booklet has eight pages of colour and black and white photographs of Sticke courts. And Graham has signed and dated all copies of the booklet. £20/US$40


091: “Rev. N.B. Kittermaster’s Champion Fives Pairs 1928”; a team photo (image measures 10.5cm x 13.75cm). Here is a group of six Harrovians looking rather pleased with themselves! This item is ready for framing. £50/US$100


It is some time since I tabled the current level of postage/mailing costs of books sent by me inside the UK and worldwide. Quite a few changes have recently been announced and implemented by the British Post Office, and inevitably those changes have involved price increases and the lowering of maximum weights for various categories. Here therefore is the current scale of charges as checked in April 2007. One or two customers have mentioned what seemed like high charges, but in fact I only ever charge what it costs me. What is certain is that mailing parcels of books becomes ever more expensive.

Weight 1st class Printed Paper Printed Paper Printed Paper
Air parcel Air parcel Surface parcel
1.0 kg £2.92 £5.60 £10.66/US$22 £5.46/US$11
2.0 kg £6.50 £10.60 £20.66/US$42 £10.66/US$22
3.0 kg £9.50 £15.60 £30.66/US$62 £15.86/US$32
4.0 kg £12.50 £20.60 £40.66/US$82 £21.06/US$42

One major change is that the USA, Australia and Japan are now all at the same rate. If asked, I will always offer surface mail. This will be much less costly but will entail quite lengthy delays with delivery.


092: “A Set of 6 Matching Silver Tennis Spoons”. These are hall-marked in Birmingham 1929, 1930, 1932, and 1933. They are in superb condition with the initials “GPLTC” inscribed in the bowl. They measure 12cm long. (See photo) £120/US$240

093: “Silver Tennis Spoon”; ornately decorated and marked “Sterling”. From the shape of the racket, this spoon is probably from around the start of the 20th century. The bowl is decorated with a named view of Notre Dame Cathedral. The spoon is in very good condition, and is highly unusual. Measures 14.5cm long. (See photo) £100/US$200

Items 092, 093 & 094 Item 095

094: “Silver Tennis Spoon”. This is hall-marked Sheffield 1931. It is a beautiful slender little spoon with tennis racket finial. It is inscribed “CLTC” on the reverse and it measures 9.75cm long. (See photo) £35/US$70

095: “Tennis Theme Printer’s Blocks x 7”. Here are 7 old printer’s blocks as used for stamping onto paper, thus the image is shown in reverse. The 7 blocks all have a tennis theme including one from Dunlop (8cm x 11cm), an umpire’s chair, and other tennis themes. They all seem to be in very good condition and are offered as one lot. (See photo) £40/US$80

096: “Monica Seles Newspaper Hoarding”: From the Herald Sun (?Australia) comes this newspaper hoarding measuring 39cm x 55cm (approx) dated Monday July 31 1995. The text reads “I’m No 1 Seles is back”. (See pic) £25/US$50

097: “Titch Tennis: The Greatest Garden Game for Years” by David Petri. This is a large box measuring 61cm x 31cm x 6cm containing the equipment to be used for this game for young people, including two racquets, a net with posts and metal ties, 4 rubber balls and the little rules booklet. There is no date anywhere but from the form of address of the printers of the rules booklet, I guess at 1950s/1960s. The box and its contents are seemingly unused, in excellent condition. (See below) £75/US$150


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